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need consulting assistance for wowza performance tuning, and scale-up advice

We are about to launch a live-streaming website and are having some issues with streams periodically and frequently freezing in jwplayer. This occurs in our current tests even with only a single inbound and outbound stream, in locations with what should be more than sufficient network speeds. We have a custom-built encoder and are using wowza streaming engine on a basic AWS EC2 instance Our first need is assistance with any fine-tuning of wowza settings that will eliminate this freezing and other playback problems. Our second need is for advice and consultation on required AWS resources as we launch and scale our product. Additional information and clarification on project needs and scope can be provided as necessary.

Hi, my team has experience in debugging such issues, so we can try to look at your custom encoder to understand what’s going on.

Can you please drop me an email to