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Need custom java module using server side API's to use LiveStreamRecordManager API

Detailed description of work request:

I am using Wowza on Amazon EC2 to record about 330 incoming RTMP streams simultaneously, and will add more in the future. I am not re-streaming them; I am just using Wowza on the Linux Amazon EC2 to download them and segment them into 15-minute durations in MP4 files, and then I have Wowza automatically transfer the 15-minute segment files to Amazon S3 storage to be saved. My problem is that I need to be able to find a faster way to connect to the cameras and to have Wowza begin recording them. My current method is by clicking each camera one at a time and hitting “connect” f, then hitting “record” and inputting the record settings for each of the 330 cameras. Because there are 330 cameras, it takes several hours to connect one by one and then hit record one by one. I just want to find a faster way to connect to all of them and get them recording the 15-minute segments without activating them one by one.

-Wowza Support tells me that I need to create a custom Java module that uses the server side API’s to record live streams programmatically with the LiveStreamRecordManager API. I don’t know anything about API’s, so I just need to pay someone to either set it up for me or teach me how to set it up.

Operating System in use

Amazon EC2 instance on a M3XL instance, running Wowza Media Server 4.2.0; running whatever version of Java runs on the Amazon AMI byol Wowza instance.

Additional Software/Network/Integration requirements

Again, I just need someone to get the faster method set up, or tell me how to set it up.

Expected delivery timescale for the project.

I would like to have this within 1 week. Please Email or private message me with quotes or questions.

Thank you so much!!!

I’m writing custom recording modules for a long time so can help you with this.

Just in case here is my email:

Dear Richmond,

If this is still a open job, please let us know your mail id via I can contact. Mine is shijil(@)