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Need help in streaming to heavy number of users

We are developing IPTV project, which would have live stream and VOD. Our expected customer database is 5000 but will continue to grow at rapid pace. As if now Im streaming from my computer which has static IP, but I think we cannot stream to even 2000 users using one IP. Our Live Stream would have 16 channels and 3 will be in 720p. So I need help and suggestion on how I can work this out. I want to have minimal traffic and to provide excellent service. Please advice and I would like you to also tell me on, How I should work this out. Thank You in advance.


Hardware scaling is very different based on varying workflows, stream configurations, and audience. I recommend you provision at least one test instance of Wowza Server and use our load test tool to assess server performance in your environment (for more information, please see this article on How To Get The RTMP Load Test Tool). This will enable you to configure and test to scale within the parameters of your existing network and equipment.

Bandwidth is usually the limiting factor. As rule, consider this formula as a guide: (stream bitrate * max concurrent clients) < server bandwidth.

The server must be adequate. We recommend a late model quad or dual-quad CPU, 4 - 8GB of RAM, a 64-bit OS and JDK.



If you want, I can help you with the design, setup and configuration of a complete solution. Please contact me if interested.

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Karel Boek