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need help on setting up a dashboard so customers can check how many viewers


I need some kind of system which provide to the customer of a specific app to know the statistics, how many users at any moment in real time, bitrate of the app, and perhaps if the capability to restart that app, but this is secondary.

the server is centos 6, 64 bit, with cpanel installed.


do you need something customized? if not, there are products available for that like WMSPanel or

I don’t use either of them neither am I related to those companies. I’m just providing references to things I’ve come to know through other people

Yup, Solid thinking’s got a good product, as does WMSPanel. I’ve also got some tools I’ve built for my various customers.

-Ian Beyer

i suppose each Wowza consultant has something for this purpose :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will try the solid thinking.