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Need help on the setting

example : rtmp://

i can play the video using normal RTMP player

Question how do i setup an liverepeater-edge using above address.


You can ingest such a stream using .stream files. Please see the instructions described in the How to create and use .stream files in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager forum article.


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I notice that you posted this thread to the “find a consultant forum”. This forum is intended for users that seek hired help for server configurations, custom modules etc.

Are you seeking help from a paid professional? If so please explain what exactly you need done, what the time frame is and a budget for the project. If not, please use one of the other forums, or the “general forum” for future posts.

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i tested as what you mention but still fail. the main issue it the tag question mark (?). any other solution?

so many view but nobody can help… look like this is wowza limitation…