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Need help regarding Playback functionality of Wowza Server.

Hi All,

From past one month I am stuck on a scenario and I have various communication with Wowza Team but still I have no resolution for this. I have a paid license. When I contacted last time Wowza provided me solution regarding the customization of Wowza Stream Publisher module. But still the information is insufficient for us as there was no detail which .jar we need to update. We have Team of developers and it difficult for us to understand Wowza structure. Let me explain my scenario again for which I need your support.


We have developed our own software for Stream scheduling and we are using Wowza monthly paid services for broadcasting. We are creating a Playlist for scheduling VOD and Live Streams. We also doing recording of Live Streams. Now we have scenario where we have Playlist like below.

Playlist for Day 1 of month.

VOD 1 Playlist Start Time: 10:00 AM Duration: 1 hrs

VOD 2 Duration: 30 mins

Live Stream 1 Start Time is 11:30 AM and End Time is 02:00 PM. This is recurring daily Event and we are using Php crone job to handle this. (We are doing recording for this and recording is saved on Wowza content.)

VOD 3 Duration: 50 mins

VOD 4 Duration: 10 mins

Now we start broadcasting and first VOD 1 start broadcasting at 10:00 AM as per playlist schedule and then VOD 2 start broadcasting at 11:00 AM and then we start broadcast of

Live Stream. At the same time we are recording that. At 02:00 PM our Live broadcast end we start broadcasting VOD 4 and other items in list as per schedule.

Now on Day 2 we have same playlist and what we want that if somehow due to Technical snag or some other reason Live Stream (3rd item in playlist) is not available then Recently recorded content of Live stream get automatically start playing (i.e. Day 1 content which is available on Wowza server content folder.

Need you help:

So, I need a solution how to handle this? Need detailed solution what to change and where to change. I don’t have any development team.

I am not a free User, I am a paid user. We are using free user account for further POC and if u need we will share more details about our paid account.

I again request everybody to provide detailed solution this is something related to our Business and any delay will result in our Business Loss. Hope you understand.


I also answered your post on Stack Overflow. See Support Article How to loop a pre-roll until a live stream starts (LoopUntilLive) to download a pre-compiled module that you can copy to your Wowza Streaming Engine deployment. You can use this module without further programming, but it does require advanced configuration. The Support Article has step-by-step instructions. Step #1 is has the download location. In the SMIL file you can replace




To automate this workflow, you can create a script to replace the name with the preceding day’s recording.