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Need help Wowza Player Builder to play .mp4

We have Wowza Server 4.7 and I’m trying to use Wowza Player Builder to create a player that will allow us to post a URL that will open and play the associated video as VOD.

I’ve tried a bunch of options and nothing seems to work. I need help with the settings, I suspect?


It would be greatly appreciated.


Hello… Thanks for asking.

Part of the problem is I need more assistance to setup the player builder and I am not sure of the various settings and what I read is not specific.

Could you share any helpful info you are seeing in the logs as far as error messages as well as sharing an example of your playback url? Any other additional details are welcomed in order to assist you.

Thank you.

I see. Well, then you would need to submit a support ticket and our engineers will walk you through it. I can only share docs and general tips, but they can directly assist you with the settings you need. Thanks.