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Need more precise information about statistics - retention time, frequency, db format etc.


we have several (licensed, of course) wowza servers as (internal) proxies and I need more information about the statistics wowza collects in the stats directory, I could not find comprehensive and detailed information in the current documentation.

I need more info about these things (for now):

  1. What is the default retention time for the statistics?
  2. How to configure this retention time?
  3. What is the default granularity for the statistics collection (every x minutes?)
  4. How to configure this granularity?
  5. What exactly is the file format that these statistics are stored in?
  6. How to access these files besides the REST API?
  7. How to do backups of these statistics?
  8. Will an uprade take over my old statistics?
  9. How to merge statistics of several servers?
  10. Do you offer an statistics exporter for Prometheus?

Thank you very much for your attention!

BTW neither of these words are available as “topics”, what shows quite well that these seem to be a little bit underrated issues here: metrics, statis, statistics, data, retention, log, logfiles. These should be first class citizen words in an admin forum!

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Again no way to edit, so need to ‘answer’ to add some more specifications of what is missed from the docs…

Just to clarify what I am asking for in the granularity part of my question:

I see that the xml output of the xml data has data points for each hour - is that the sample frequency of the Wowza statistics module? If yes, what happens with the data points that are happening between the hours?

So when I do this request I get two data entries for each hour:


[I inserted a NEWLINE here to make the request better readable - as you can see the software used for this place is not very good for discussions with code, very poor code formatting capabilities]

The question that now comes up is: what happens with the data points that could be sampled at 10:05, 10:10, 10:15, 10:20, 10:25 and so on?

If we had 200 rtmp connections more at 10:26 for just three minutes - is this information lost?

Thanks again for your attention!


Information on stats collection is included in our Statistics documentation, and goes over the data that is collected, and for how long it is retained. You cannot configure the retention time or granularity at this time, or directly access/edit the files other than with REST API/Manager UI. You will need to use REST API in order to export the data for third-party tools.

Backups can be done similar to any file system backups. They should be preserved during an update, similar to your conf/ and content/ files.