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Need Project Assistance

I’m planning to push 60 no of channels at different bitrates as 512k,756k,1024k and 2048k.

Please provide the suggestion for below requirement.

  1. Number of servers required

  2. Spec of servers

  3. Number of Wowza licences required

I need below additional features in Wowza and let me give the costing for the below requirement.

1.Wowza licences required [Wowza Streaming Engine + nDVR license + Transcoder instances + Bandwidth checker + Wowza DRM

2.Wowza DRM

3.Transcoded in Multi bitrate for live and VOD : 500 kbps / 750 kbps / 1000 kbps / 2000 kbps

4.Multi transcoding profile [mobile phone / tablets / Roku / Android Set To Box / IOS … etc.]

5.Time delay play [play according to local time UK / USA … etc.]

6.Catch up TV : cut our live stream into 30 minutes VOD files. Files should be available for 7 days

7.We have movies in DVD – we need to use Wowza to transcode to our above device profiles

8.Outdoor event live coverage



Hi Kumaresan,

Following the response of JasonH, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are in need of a consultant to help you with the setup and configuration of the solution. I can also help you with any customization that your case may require. You may contact me by email, or directly on Skype (ID: karelboek)

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek



Based on the transcoding which is a high CPU intensive process, you’re going to need a high spec server to get the number of servers required to the lowest amount possible.

Please see our Wowza Transcoder AddOn Performance Benchmark which should give you an idea on how many servers you will require based on the number of transcodes. I recommend they are at least to the minimum spec which can be found in the “System Requirements” which can be found Here.

You’re wanting to push 60 streams and have provided 4 bitrates which would indicate 15 inbound streams for transcoding, however if the inbound stream is already 2000 kbps and the correct codec (H.264/AAC) you may need less outbound streams from the transcoder itself.

Please see the Transcoder tutorial for configuration details, note that the Wowza transcoder do not transcode video on demand content and is for live streaming only.

You will also need to take a look at our nDVR tutorial for reference when configuring the application.

We have a choice of DRM options which can be found in our DRM Overview article

For recording in segments you can use our HTTPLiveStreamRecord which is built-in to Wowza Streaming Engine 4.

When configuring the application you can choose which player types are going to be allowed to play the streams.

Our Price list shows the additional costs for the premium AddOns

Delaying a live stream is something which can be done by adding the recording of the original to a Stream Schedule.

To do this programmatically you may need to contact a consultant for assistance.



Hi, i have significant experience in re-streaming many channels taking into account CDN building and more.

so if you’re interested, contact me: rshmelev [at] gmail {dot} com

60 channels of Live Streaming? 1 powerful server should be enough to accept all channels and restream.

you didn’t mention amount of audience.

If we’re talking about transcoding, then things dramatically change… you may need 6+ servers for transcoding.

for delayed streaming of 60 channels you’ll need some SSD also.

anyways please write to rshmelev [at] gmail {dot} com to continue this discussion.


We are the official WOWZA consultants in India.

Our team could definitely provide the expertise you require.

You could contact me at or skype me at spark.subhish for more info.

Subhish N



Is Dell Power Edge R720 with GPU Card is sufficient to implement this project? Can you pls suggest the better GPU card?


Can anyone suggest how many server need to install for 60 channels of Live Streaming?

No of licensce required for 60 channels?

Quick response will be highly appreciated.