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Need to Stream Live Boxing Event in 1.5 weeks


I am involved with a charity boxing event. We need to broadcast the boxing in live HD video.

The challenge is - Music is played when the boxers walk out which limits us from using services such as Ustream and YouTube Live because of their Copyright Detection.

So we are looking for an alternative.

Will Wowza On-Premise allow us to broadcast the copyrighted songs?

I am also involved in a very popular discussion website - HotCopper which runs on 6 Redhat linux servers. We are thinking of using these servers to install Wowza Server.

There were approximately 600 viewers that watched from beginning to end with 1000’s of viewers coming in and out.

I am looking to speak to someone who could help set this up before Fri May 8th!

My email is

Sounds like a job for Wowza Cloud. Ping me for details.

Ian Beyer

Hello Ben,

I’m sure we’ll be able to find a streaming solution that fits your needs, without crossing any legal boundaries. I’ll send you an email in a few minutes.

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek


Hi Ben, i’ve also contacted you.

Just in case my email is: