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Network Input and CPU Load Issue - URGENT

Hi guys, i have the last version with a perpetual license and have problems with a few things:

1- I have 30 Channels over MPEG-TS (TCP/IP), i use the stream file to get the video signal. But when see the Input traffic over the channels this is not good because receive the double. The video source has 4MB but the Wowza in the input show me 8MB, why?

2- The second thing is a problem with the CPU Load, when i put the transcoder over a few channels (7) have a problem with the CPU Load and all channels start freezing, why happened this? Is possible to use Transcoder with less CPU usage?

3- My server have 16 cores and 32GB RAM, what is the problem with the performance? I need put 50 Channels over the same server, this is possible? or need more server?

Thx for all.



Let me look into this for you @Santiago Rollheiser and I will respond shortly. I see your support ticket as well.

Tech support will be reaching out to you and I sent you a private email as well. Thanks for letting me know in the forums about your issue and thank you for submitting a support ticket as well so we can assist you.

I have 50 channels in total, but now have 13 and all freezing when put all running and use transcode it is worse…



I just wanted to add this article link for anyone else wondering about transcoder performance:

This should be a helpful hardware/workflow comparison.

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