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New to Wowza - WSE to AWS E2 Test Player not working.

I went to Amazon Marketplace and started a PAID AWS/Wowza setup. I followed the instructions exactly on video provided by Wowza. The Test Player will not play my live stream (although it looks like my encoder is connecting) NOR will it play the VOD. I click start and it shows as playing at the bottom but all I am getting is a black screen. On my Streaming Cloud trial this worked flawlessly. Please help.



First thing that popped my mind, is to check if the required ports are open in the connected Security Group. Apart from that, you can check the Wowza Engine Manager Panel and the Wowza log files to see (1) if your published stream is available in Wowza, and (2) if you see the playback attempt in the logs. Check for any errors/warnings.

I’m getting this issue too. Were you able to fix it?