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Newbie question re: Wowza VOD, JWPlayer and embedding

As a newbie, it’s hard to know where to start with this question. We own Wowza streaming engine as well as JW Player. We use both to provide video content in digital collections publically and informational videos internally on our intranet. We don’t do much “live” broadcasting.

  1. Are there any good resources (preferably video) that provide a thorough explanation of VOD (I assume that’s the appropriate description of what we’re doing)
  • Starting with an overview and then how the different pieces fit together?
  • What roll Wowza plays
  • What roll JW Player plays
  • What are the benefits of using JW Player over something like a simple HTML5 <video> tag?

  1. With our intranet now hosted in the cloud (it wasn’t previously), we’d like to stream video to our cloud intranet.
  • Is that something Wowza (with or without JW Player) can do? if so, how? I assume I through embedding.
  • I’ve noticed I can copy a youtube video link to our intranet (and other places) and it works just fine. What does YT do that makes their videos basically work “anywhere” ?

Sorry for all the questions, like I said at the start, it was hard to know where to begin :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for any help or points in the right direction.


Looks like you could use some general information about how streaming works, what different video and audio formats there are (aka. “codecs”), what different streaming protocols there are, and which one to use when. In itself, this is basic knowledge that applies to any setup, independent of Wowza, JWPlayer and other vendors.

Let me try to find some useful resources where you can learn more about streaming, and how the various components work.

My honest advise: give yourself some time to learn about streaming, about the components, etc. I spent >20 years on learning this, and I’m still learning every day. You’ll do yourself a big favor if you spend some time so that you understand the basics.

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Thanks Karel! I’ll work through those resources.

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Hi @Dan_LaSusa welcome to the video streaming world. In addition to the great information @Karel_Boek shared, I’d also like to point you to the Wowza You Tube channel where we have a very large library of video tutorials for streaming workflows including VOD, protocols and JW Player with Wowza. You can just use the search bar for the Wowza You Tube site or search the video playlists.

VERY, very helpful material for those new to streaming and to Wowza.