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Newbie questions: I upgraded my account from the trial but I still have the RUNNING AS DEMO banner on cloud

Hello- like my title says, I upgraded my account, payment went through, everything looks good on but as soon as I go to my it says I’m still in the demo.

I am going to be doing an hour long educational stream on Thursday need to be able to do the full hour with out getting cut off by the demo restrictions.

Am I being paranoid?

Also, I have my stream setup with OBS > ULL Cloud Streaming > My site and everything is working perfectly. Do I need to manually start / stop this kind of stream? If not, then everything is perfect. If yes, I can do it but it would be a bit of an extra step.

I appreciate it!

Cloud accounts need to re-create streams they were using under the trial @Stephen Gunn. If you are unable to access Wowza Streaming Cloud or experience issues with your live stream after upgrading from a Trial license, try signing out of your account and then signing back in after 10 minutes.

Transcoder and live streams created during Trial mode will remain as “trial” streams. You will need to create new transcoder and live streams to avoid being limited by the Trial restrictions.

Sorry for any inconvenience.