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Newtek Media DS Decode Error in Chrome and Firefox

Our high school Tv station has been using our NewTek Media DS encoder for 5 years. Last year our streams would not load on Chrome so we switched our users to watch our show on Firefox. As of last week that stream no longer works. Any help? I am using Wowza Streaming Manager 4.7.8. If I need to update to a later version how do I do that?

I think you should rather be interested in the player you are using.
Probably this is where the problem lies.

I’ve yet to find a player that works…

@Jeremy_Rawe It could be something with the source codecs that player is not liking. I suggest using our Encoding Best Practices article for aligning frame size and H.264 profile to use in the encoding cheat sheet:

If that does not help, I suggest reaching out to Newtek support: