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NGRP on origin/edge + load balancing with dynamic stream names


I currently have an origin/edge configuration set up along with load balancing. I’ve noticed that hitting the edge url (http://[wowza-edge-IP]:1935/[app]/ngrp:[stream_group_name]/playlist.m3u8) does not work. However, if I hit the origin url, it will work. From what I’ve searched, it seemed the solution to this was to create SMIL files and copy them on each edge. My issue is that in my situation, my stream names will be dynamic. To create the SMIL files, I would need to know the stream names before hand. Also, I have load balancing set up so I would also need to know the least loaded edge to connect clients to. Is there a solution to this? Also, does Wowza plan to have clients connect directly to the edge without creating smil files?


This is the only other option that might be useful:

If the dynamic stream names are something you can determine from the edge, then you should be able to use this method. You might connect to a database to get stream names, or you might query the origin using a HTTPProvider.


It would have to be on each edge


Would the module be placed on the origin server or on all the edges?