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I’ve trying to read through the many suggestions on how to get audio to publish from a live RTP stream, but have yet to figure this out. I’m using stream file with udp IP address and port, and using standard settings on the TRANSCODE templates. None of the streams are receiving an audio track in VLC. I Can open the UDP stream in VLC and audio is working.

Hi @Jorge Nolla,

Are you looking to hire someone to solve this problem for you? Because you’ve posted this in the “Hire A Consultant” forums. If you’re just looking for (free) support, then the Transcoder forums is probably the best place to post your question; see

Said that, I’d start by checking the logs on your Wowza server, and check the incoming and outgoing codec to make sure Wowza Transcoder supports these.


I’m not sure why the post was made in this category… user error.

I’ll post on the right category.