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no login enginemanager after succesful update to 4.8.0

after an update from 4.7.8 to 4.8.0 the enginemanager is showing a error: too many redirects… wowza is running and streams are online… deleting the cookies dit not help.

I am using java 9.04 with windows server 2016

I see a ticket was submitted on this exact topic to tech support under a different name and email address, but there has been no response to the engineers. Is it possible this is your ticket: 345832?

We do occasionally see an issue with responses from our ticketing system falling into customer spam/junk folders. Please ensure you have whitelisted the email address “tickets@wowzamedia.commailto:[](” in your email account or system to avoid further delay in receiving our responses.

Unfortunately, this is not possible to debug in forums since this is not an official source of technical support, so you’ll need to submit a ticket if the one above is not yours. That way the engineers can view your config and logs and run the appropriate tests.

I have seen this error previously when wowza streaming engine manage is not started. Please can you confirm that Wowza Streaming Engine Manager is started (as this is started separate from the Wowza Streaming Engine software) and try again.

Hi Rose, that was not my ticket. At this moment i went back to 4.7.8 and sent a ticket to wowza.

regards, hans