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no rtmp stream only playlist.m3u8


I have 2 streams

  1. It has only playlist.m3u8 ( rtmp is not available)

2)The stream is in Hls h264 format but there is no extension.

How can i restream if i have 2 such streams?

playlist.m3u8 works fine in iphone . Is there any way i can convert it into Wowza supported stream for restreaming

Same with 2nd one… Both plays fine in VLC.

You can restream many streams and playback in iOS. What is the source? Perhaps one of these tutorials will help:


Yes, that’s right.


Right, Wowza does not support segmented streams for input. I don’t know of anything to do that.


Hi Richard,

What i got info from the site was wowza needs rtmp and cannot use m3u8 as source.

It can produce m3u8 but cant accept it as a source for repeater

So let me confirm I cannot restream a stream which i get thru in the format m3u8?

  1. Is there some software or way to change the stream to rtmp