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No sound on mobile

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We allow users to stream from both Flash and any encoder like OBS. When streaming from an encoder, sound on mobile come through without an issue. When a user stream from Flash, there is no sound on mobile. This is our site : We are struggling a bit to get the quality working great as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

Hello there.

Flash uses Speex or Nellymoser audio which is only supported over RTMP to a Flash player.

The Wowza Transcoder can take Speex audio and transcode to AAC:

How to convert Flash Player 11 output from H.264 + Speex audio to H.264 + AAC audio using Wowza Transcoder AddOn

How to set up a Flash application to publish H.264 video and Speex audio to Wowza Transcoder AddOn

Your users will need to use Speex audio and Wowza will need to Transcode that to AAC.

Note: MP3 audio is not supported on Android devices

I hope this is helpful.

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The stream would still need to be transcoded and a third party transcoder may not be as reliable as the Wowza transcoder. Adding a third party transcoder will also add another level of complexity to the workflow which may then require further investigation and a greater downtime to find a cause to any issues that may occur when streaming.

If the transcoding cost is a factor, please email our Sales team ( abut the Pro license offerings which allow an unlimited number of transcodes.

Obviously you will be restricted by the capability of the server hardware as transcoding is a CPU intensive process.



Hi Salvadore!

Is there any way that this could be done without using the wowza transcoder?