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No Video on Mobile Chrome

Everything was working fine with our delivery of video to Android on Chrome until the release of version 36.0.1985.135. Any builds of this version or newer seem to fail where previous versions work fine. The issue appears prevalent on the Samsung devices.

What is interesting is that if you view the stream from the phone/table on WiFi, the video does NOT work. If you then switch over to the cell network, the video plays properly. The code to play the video is different and I don’t really see anything in the logs to show me the request is any different either.

We receive audio but no video.

Video is H.264 baseline or main profiles (makes no difference) and Speex audio as the source. Video is sent as passthrough and the audio transcoded into AAC. We are running 4.0.6 of the streaming engine.

Any idea what might be happening and if there is anything to be done on the server to alleviate this?



I’m not sure there’s anything we can do, especially seeing as it has worked previously.

Have you tried adjusting bit-rates etc?


You should change your internet browser from mobile to run movie on mobile.