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Nokia phones and RTSP

One of our clients has one of the newer Nokia phones you can get on one of those deals at Wal Mart. The Wowza demo for mobile (

plays just fine on his phone; both video and audio, and this is RTSP.

But on my RTSP stream, it plays fine in VLC and Android phones; but on the Nokia it just states “Unable to play media stream” or something along those lines. My Wowza error log for that day shows nothing useful.

Any thoughts? Maybe I misconfigured something on the Wowza size or maybe the Nokia doesn’t support the Baseband or something I chose in FMLE?

Look at troubleshooting guide here:


Some mobile devices are not able to play mp3 audio when paired with H.264 video over RTSP. It is best to use H.264 and AAC.


h.264 is a format (which is required for many Wowza features and clients). mp4 is a container, a quicktime container (which also includes m4v, mov, and others). You can have other formats inside a quicktime container, and it is possible to put h.264 in other containers.

If you publish h.264 video and AAC or MP3 audio to Wowza application with StreamType “live-record”, you can instruct Wowza to record to an .mp4 container by adding mp4: prefix to the stream name in the encoder. mp4:myStream will record to myStream.mp4. If you do not add prefix, it will be myStream.flv.The flv file will contain h.264 video, but it won’t work for some things where h.264 in a quicktime container is required.


Mp3 audio should be no problem


Take a look at these examples:

Use the IPhone ones for this. It’s important to setup and use the presets. (-vpre)


Charlie, I’ve been following that. There’s nothing on Nokia, other than that it probably supports RTSP. It does of course, since my client could play the mobile test.

On FMLE, I have:

Format: H.264

FPS: 15

Input: 320x180 (dont maintain aspect ratio)

Output: 96kbps, 240x160

Baseline: 1.2

Keyframes: 4

And audio is disabled. These are super low numbers and still the Nokia phone couldn’t play it (it uses Realplayer). Trying to figure out why this is.

If I’m encoding RTMP to Wowza with h.264 (IN FMLE), does that mean I’m not using MP4? I notice in Wirecast, the Flash options dont show anything about MP4, only Quicktime options do. Wondering if my problem is that it must be MP4 for these odd mobile devices to play it.

Excellent info! After doing so much with this I forgot about basic things like putting “mp4:” in the front of the stream name.

The nokia device is now playing the video! Only problem, when we enable MP3 audio, it’s erroring out, saying something like “audio and video not available at once”.

Do we only have MP3 as an option because of our Webcam? Or is it because we’re doing MP4 with H.264? Our stream name is “mp4:myStream.sdp”

Some mobile devices are not able to play mp3 audio when paired with H.264 video over RTSP. It is best to use H.264 and AAC.


If I don’t have an AAC option, is that because the webcam doesn’t support it? Or maybe an incorrect setting.

EDIT: Seems to be a hardware limitation, My webcam has different audio options than the motherboard’s audio card.

I have problem while streaming to Nokia N8

To find out what is best -suited bitrate/resolution for Nokia i did following:

use ffmpeg and encode video (sample.mp4 from wowza installation) with such directives:

ffmpeg -threads 4 -y -i sample.mp4 -r 30 -vcodec libx264 -s 176x144 -b 192000 -g 60 -an sample_1_1.mp4

ffmpeg -threads 4 -y -i sample.mp4 -r 30 -vcodec libx264 -s 320x240 -b 384000 -g 60 -an sample_1_2.mp4

ffmpeg -threads 4 -y -i sample.mp4 -r 30 -vcodec libx264 -s 352x288 -b 768000 -g 60 -an sample_1_3.mp4

ffmpeg -threads 4 -y -i sample.mp4 -r 30 -vcodec libx264 -s 352x288 -b 2000000 -g 60 -an sample_2.mp4

ffmpeg -threads 4 -y -i sample.mp4 -r 30 -vcodec libx264 -s 480x352 -b 4000000 -g 60 -an sample_2_1.mp4


libx264 - software library and application for encoding video streams into the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC

r - frames per second;

b - bits per second ;

g - key interval (frames);

an - remove audio

I received following results while opening VOD stream on Nokia:


1.1_______176x144______192000______ small/small resolution



2_________352x288______2,000,000____yes(very often)/bad

2.1_______ 480x352______4,000,000____yes(very often)/bad

As you can see in almost all cases I receive bad video quality on target device due to artifacts. Can i receive some advice in improving video quality?

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