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Not a single video on Windows,, Streaming Cloud

Hello,I have my stream set up and it seems to be working fine on Mac computers, but when I go to the test page to view the stream on any Windows machine (we have tested all browsers), it says the stream cannot load. The player does load, but it does not see the stream even though on a Mac it is streaming fine.

Any thoughts why this might be happening?


Hi Rakesh,

We are experiencing a similar issue with Windows. Our live streams started throwing the error on Wednesday, Nov 21 or Nov 22. The live stream has been working for our viewers throughout the world for over a year until a few days ago. We use JWPlayer. Here is what we know:

On Windows computers, the live stream is viewable ONLY with the Edge browser. Suddenly Chrome, Firefox, and IE are unable to view the live stream.

Interestingly, people are able to view recorded vod videos in the same JWPlayer window with all browsers. So it is ONLY live streams and ONLY with Chrome, Firefox, and IE that are unable to view.

Mac (Safari) and mobiles (Android & iOS) are unaffected.

I hope anyone can figure this out soon. It is strange to me that ONLY Edge can view the stream on Windows systems.