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Not able to access wowza streaming engine manager

I installed latest WowzaStreamingEngine-4.7.3 in my linux system and trying to access wowza streaming engine manager with :8088/enginemanager.

It says “This site can’t be reached” even for both condition when firewall is running and stopped.

could anybody clarify why it’s not working.

Note:- I m using trial period license for 30 days

Check if the Engine Manager service is running; on newer Linux versions you can check that with “systemctl status WowzaStreamingEngineManager”, on older you can use “service StreamingEngineManager status”. And if it’s not running, you must start it, of course (replace “status” with “start” in the commands)

If it’s already running, then check “sudo netstat -tlpn” to see if port 8088 is bound to the service. And you can also check the logs in /manager/logs to see if there were any errors during startup of the manager.


status of status WowzaStreamingEngineManager is running fine and same i have restarted multiple times. I ran “sudo netstat -tlpn” which gives me(refer attachment). If any issue is there then could u please help me.capture.png