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Not able to play AAC encoded audio in WebRTC .

Hi ,

I have steam having audio encoded using AAc and video is encoded using H.264. I want to play this stream using hls and WebRTC . In case of WebRTC audio is not coming . I need to encode the audio using libopus. I am using ffmpeg for generation the stream . Is there any way to play AAc encoded audio in WebRTC using WOwza without encoding it using libopus.

In Wowza Streaming Engine, the following audio and video codecs are supported for WebRTC @Ashutosh kumar:

  • Video: VP8, VP9, H.264
  • Audio: Opus, Vorbis, PCMU, PCMA

For HLS playback:

We recommend that you use the Transcoder feature in Wowza Streaming Engine to transcode the WebRTC stream into any standard output format, such as AAC audio with H.264 video. Then you can deliver the stream over Apple HLS.

So, there is no way for you to send the video into Streaming Engine as AAC/H.264. It has to be Opus, Vorbis, PCMU or PCMA.

Does that answer your question? Please let me know. Thanks.

Please see this doc for more info:

Also, keep in mind that:

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox don’t support AAC audio over WebRTC. Streams with AAC audio are played as video-only.

So, in Chrome and Firefox, do not use AAC in WebRTC, but a different audio codec as we listed.

How can set the audio codec to OPUS in Android Gocoder sdk

We don’t support WebRTC in mobile platforms at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

WebRTC is still gaining adoption, so not all browsers and mobile platforms support it. With Wowza Streaming Engine, you can ingest and play WebRTC streams with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers on the desktop. At this time, Wowza Streaming Engine doesn’t support ingest or playback of WebRTC streams on mobile platforms or in a live repeater (origin/edge) configuration.

Hello I have implemented already an publish stream app in WebRTC native. Let’s contact me

That’s great! Feel free to share this info as well in our WebRTC Slack channel.

Several developers have been interested in doing this and we don’t support it yet 100%. It would be great if you joined our Slack channel. Thanks!