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Not open m3u8 stream

i tune wowza and create translation from ip camera. This work on rtsp, very bad from rtmp (usually show 1 first frame and then freeze in test player, not work in vlc). But hls not work in vlc. url In vlc it produce error “this source not open”

(picture with russian language). And as you see change playlist.m3u8 to chunkilst_w205…

Some questions:

is right name playlist.m3u8? for example when open test players there name stream named “myStream” alsough no stream with name, maybe need use another name? this file playlist.m3u8 is lies on hard drive or it virtual?

Do you have your packetizers setup? What does the logs say upon a connection attempt over hls?

Looking at the screenshot, it looks like LiveSteamPacketizers are set (at least “cupertinostreamingpacketizer”), as you are getting a chunklist.

The playlist and chunks are not written to disk, they are just in memory.

Many IP cameras have g.711 audio, that might be an issue. If so, see if the camera has an audio option for AAC. If you play the camera source directly in VLC you can see info about the audio and video codec in VLC menu: Tools > Codec Info. What do you see there?

The access log is in [wowza-install-dir]/logs. The current logs is named wowzastreamingengine_access.log. The interesting part of that log will be the cupertino packetizer log messages that happen after the stream is started. You will see much detail about the audio and video codec including any WARN lines if there is any problem or limitation with the audio or video encoding. Following that you will details about the first 10 chunks.


  1. no

  2. what logs?

why it doesnt simply work? (specify incoming stream and enjoy)