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[OBS] live streaming problem

When i start stream in obs i can see it in Incoming Streams in wowza, but test player tells me - “Source stream or file could not be found or access was denied”. As soon as i stop the stream, test players start to play vod of previous stream. Any ideas why? I want to get live stream.

I used:

Can you please provide the RTMP URL you are using in the encoder?

For example:


Where “doPublish=12345” matches what you entered in the


And are you using the rtmpe:// or rtmps:// protocol in your playback URL?


Are you using any other modules from the Media Security package, i.e. ModuleRTMPAuthenticate? You can not use ModuleRTMPAuthenticate and ModuleSecureURLParams at the same time.

Also, Make sure you are using this class path


Check to make sure you did not include “plugin” in the class path


Lastly, you can start Wowza in stand alone mode /bin.startup.bat| and view the logs in the console to see if anything turns up as to what may be the issue.

I hope this helps.


What is the source of the live stream?

What is the video codec of the source?

Where you able to play the source without the use of the ModuleSecureURLParams module? You may want to make sure you can play back the source before enable this module.


I am not sure what the issue is in this case.

Please re-start Wowza, try to stream the live source and when the error occurs zip up your /conf and /log folders and send them to to open a ticket. Please include as much detail about your setup and issues you are having along with a link to this thread as a reference.

Thanks, and sorry I was unable to help you resolve this issue in the forum, but the support team should be able to fix you up.


In encoder i use rtmp://

This one - rtmp:// gives the same results.

In playback url i tried all of the protocols: rtmps(Gives me loading circle), rtmpe(Gives me “Error loading stream: Could not connect to server”) and rtmp(Gives me “Error loading stream: ID not found on server”).

No other modules from security package, class path is also right.

Started wowza from console, when i press start in my player i get this like every 2 secs:

INFO session connect-pending -

INFO session connect -

INFO stream create - -

WARN server comment myStream[2]: java.lang.Exception: QTUtils.parseQTMediaContainer: Atom size is invalid: 0: java.lang.Exception

: QTUtils.parseQTMediaContainer: Atom size is invalid: 0|at com.wowza.wms.mediareader.h264.util.QTUtils.parseQTMediaContainer(|at com|at|a

t|at com.wowza.wms.response.ResponseStreams.output(ResponseStreams.ja


INFO stream destroy myStream -

INFO session disconnect 451570828 -


When i start streaming i get:

INFO session connect-pending -

INFO session connect -

INFO stream create - -

INFO stream publish myStream -

Source is the stream from my desktop, but i can see the vod right after the stream is over(i do not record anything tho).

Edit: all the same without module

Encoding is as follows:

Will test it on my home pc, if i wont find an issue will send an email, anyway thanks for help!

@Alexander Ivanyuta

bro have you resolve this issue ? i got the same thing

One thing that was confusing and surprising to me was that the OBS stream key is part of the URL. I found that out here

So if you stream to [your-ip]/live/abc with a key of “def” then you’re actually streaming to /live/def/abc