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On Android is there a way to activate/stream video without using WZCameraView?


I’m currently trying to get Wowza to stream video and audio without using com.wowza.gocoder.sdk.api.devices.WZCameraView in my layout. I am currently using this code: and it is only streaming audio. I have iOS working streaming both audio and video without the preview. How can I enable the video (in addition to the working audio) without using com.wowza.gocoder.sdk.api.devices.WZCameraView?

I appreciate any direction/feedback.



It does look like this is possible through the SurfaceBroadcaster class.



Hi Andy, could you elaborate how the SurfaceBroadcaster works? I’m trying to do exactly the same thing here, but I can’t find any documentation regarding SurfaceBroadcaster. I did a quick search inside the API sample, couldn’t find anything either.

This is the SDK sample I’m looking at,



Hi David! Can you found any tutorial for Surface Broadcaster?

No I couldn’t find it inside the SDK. Could you kindly point me to the right direction?

Building Android 28, on Windows PRO 10.

Everything is resolved, but this CameraView, I crash on loading the apk.


Can not inflate this.....

I moved goCoder = WowzaGoCoder.init(getApplicationContext(), "GOSK-4E45-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-420X");
above, no affect.