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On January 5, 2021, Wowza Player and GoCoder SDK will no longer be available or supported

I just read Wowza Player and GoCoder SDK will no longer be available or supported. information on a WOWZA page.
Our production is using Wowza Player and GoCoder SDK for broadcast live stream, we are very worried because of this information. So we have 2 questions below:

  1. Why Wowza Player and GoCoder SDK will no longer be available or supported?

  2. After January 5, 2021, Does Wowza have other Player and broadcast SDK for replacing Wowza Player and GoCoder SDK?

  3. If Wowza has other Player and broadcast SDK, Could you suggest to us about third-party Player and SDK can use with Wowza?

Hello @Live Dreamer! Wowza sent emails to all our customers who had the Player and License key back in March and early April a few times so perhaps you missed it or it went to spam, which sometimes happens. We posted it as well on social media and in banners all over our website site for a month in an effort to make sure all of our customers knew.

But, not to worry, if you just read it- we are helping all our customers transition and give you personalized advice on what player or SDK may be a good fit for your workflow.

If you read the announcement, it said:

For more information on how and when this will impact you, migration options for both Player and SDK, support assistance, please email The engineers will discuss your migration with you.


As far as why, Wowza will be focusing on other areas of our platform to bring our customers the best streaming experience. We are actively investing in other low-latency streaming technologies that will be incorporated into our standard offerings, including both Wowza Streaming Cloud and Wowza Streaming Engine. These cutting-edge technologies include Apple’s Low Latency HLS (Preliminary Spec) as well as enhanced options for WebRTC, enabling the delivery of interactive, low-latency video at scale.

See the full announcement and Q&A here: