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onCaptionInfo + HLS + JW6

I am seeing captions in IOS and RTMP using jw6, but not using HLS with jw6.

stream =

Also seeing captions using vlc in line 1 with hls

You need a enterprise editiion to see live captions with jw player, in a vod you need a track like this to see on PC and mac




label: “Portugues”,

kind: “captions”



kind: “captions”,

label: “English”






Thanks, themanace but this is live, not on-demand streaming. I ran a thread in JW’s site and got this reply.

I am catching onCaptionInfo captions as I mentioned before. so this is un-resolved and can’t get an answer if it’s a jw or wowza issue.

Salvadore, Thanks. Yes. I have been through all of this being a consultant myself and setup captioning several times, but never having these results when the client uses Digital rapids stream software that is sending 708 in embedded onCaptionInfo. JW says the HLS output from Wowza in this case is specifically tailored to IOS browser, which yes, although mis-worded I get but I am still leaning in the direction that it’s the player. I really don’t want to have be stuck with rtmp for caption output in JW on a browser in this case.


Please send more details regarding this problem to the email ticket you have open with our team.

(zip files, URLs for stream from server, URLs for example player, encoder config/screenshot, etc)

Because of the level of detail involved and the need to share zip files, the ticket system is the best way for us to better understand the current situation.


Can you please provide more details about this setup?

What is the Caption source?

What output format are you sending to JW Player?

Have you followed this guide:

How to configure closed captioning for live streaming

And in particular this section:

CC with JW Player