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One video stream out of several video files. Is it possible?


We are looking for a good partner for streaming video.

And few questions arose, which need to be clarified.

  1. Can we make one stream video out of several separate video files?

  2. Can we play one video several times in stream?

For example if we need to make one video stream out of files:




but we need to play it in order:

1 time a

3 times b

2 times a

1 time c

Is it possible to make it using your API?

Hello @Danik Prem. What you’re looking for, is a server-side playlist in SMIL format. You can create a playlist and call it using the “smil:” prefix.

        <playlist name="pl1" repeat="true">
            <video src="mp4:first.mp4"  />
            <video src="mp4:second.mp4" />
            <video src="mp4:second.mp4" />

Then call the playlist with http://my-wowza-server:1935/vod/smil:mysample.smil/playlist.m3u8

You can generate playlists outside of Wowza, and copy them to Wowza’s /content folder.

You should be able to use the stream publisher module to perform this type of task.

You can read about it here: