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onHTTPSessionDestroy issue

I have added the following to my application in the streaming manager:

/Root/Application/HTTPStreamer newSessionTimeout Integer 3000

/Root/Application/HTTPStreamer validSessionTimeout Integer 500

however the sessions are still not destroyed right away. I have written a custom access control module, and when i change channels on my box, it starts the new session immediately. The old session stays open for about 25-30 seconds before onhttpsessiondestroy is called. This is a big issue as when channel surfing, you can hit the 2 session limit i have imposed very easily. I need to have a really fast session destroy cycle. I cant figure out what i have missed. I have read all the other posts about it and thats how i came up with these values, but they are not working.

Any ideas?

Hello there.

Please open a ticket with support by sending a zipped copy of your /conf and /logs folders to

Thank you,