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Hello there,
we like to create an online line video streaming movie platform in South Korea. We’re not looking for live streaming, already have some completed movie to upload with pay per view service.
Would you please send any related video tutorial?
Also, like to know about space limited for storages and payment plugin system for online platforms.

Best regards
Mahbub Lee

Welcome @Mahbub_Lee to our forums! :slightly_smiling_face:

So, you can:

  1. Upload your own mp4 file to Engine and it would be stored in your content folder.

To play your own VOD file, copy it to [ install-dir ]/content and use its file name as the stream name. By default, Wowza Streaming Engine streams VOD content from the [ install-dir ]/content folder.

Here is the documentation on how to do this.


  1. Store your mp4 files in a third party location such as AWS or Google Cloud and then have Engine access the pre-recorded video and create an on-demand link when a viewer attempts to watch or you have it scheduled for playback.

This method uses Wowza’s MediaCache and is a helpful way to store a lot of pre-recorded videos so you you don’t store all those mp4 uploads/data in your Engine content folder. It’s also useful should you have a lot of viewers trying to connect and allows you to scale up very quickly without using all your server resources such as bandwidth and CPU.

Here is the documentation on MediaCache for you:

Be sure to look in our docs in the left navigation bar under STREAMING ENGINE >.ON-DEMAND STREAMING.

For info on payment plugins, that it something you would build yourself, Wowza does not provide built-in monetization options.

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