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onTextData captions in SMIL file with DVR

Greetings all –

I am running into a problem with closed captions in combination with the nDVR and Transcoder options for a live stream to our Roku channel.

I am currently using a SMIL file to send the adaptive bitrate streams to the Roku player.
In order to get the caption data to show up on the Roku player I have to enable the cupertinoLiveCaptionsUseWebVTT option and add a textstream entry to the SMIL file.

I am working to update our Roku channel to use the DVR options but I cannot use the SMIL file with the text stream entry in combination with the ?DVR tag. it does not work. Also I cannot get webVTT captions to show up on the transcoded name group, but captions work there with the ?DVR tag.

My captions encoder is currently supplying the injected captions with a module they built.
I can also pull in live 608 captions as well. I have either option available.

My end goal is to have our channel with adaptive bitrate DVR playback with captions.

Any thoughts would be highly appreciated.


Hello there and thanks for joining our community! I asked for you and was told by a lead engineer that It may not be possible. Do you know if you can get captions working at all with DVR? even for a single bitrate stream?

You will need to send a support ticket so the engineers can take a closer look and test. Thanks.