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Open m3u8 user agent

Hi, how can you play a file m3u8 protected file with user agent?

Are you trying to determine the user agent before you grant access to the stream @mohamed ramadan? Or are you asking where to set the user agent? Can you please provide more details?

Here are the security options you have for source authentication or playback access:

If you are trying to set the user agent:

We use the user agent as set in the JVM when Wowza starts up. You can change this via the http.agent property, for example in conf/Tune.xml by adding the following VMOption


Internet players do not support user agent such as jwplayer and protected links cannot be turned on

As you already stated, the problem is that most players use JavaScript or some variety of api call to play a stream so although technically they do come from a browser the call they make to the m3u8 or chunks does not contain the user agent string.

So, you would need to use a security token then @mohamed ramadan to protect the content and control who gets access to view the stream.

Be sure to click on how to add the token to JW Player since you mentioned that.