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I just have created a small OpenSource project stored on Github, this is related to a open SDK writen in PHP, Python and .Net to be able to create simpler streaming apps.

The first version includes, for now only the PHP version.


  • Create plain live application.

  • Create secured live application.

  • Delete live application.

  • Delete all live applications.

  • Get live applications list.

  • Get live application configuration.

In the PHP version is also integrated a complete example of using an HTML5 open player and web application to do the upstream and the downstream of the video/audio signal.

The project URL is

Just wanted to see if the are other users who wants to be involved with the project, I think this way we will boost our streaming projects using… The best streaming platform…




Thank you for sharing and reaching out to the Wowza developer community. Note that we also have a Developer Showcase forum to highlight Wowza API or SDK projects.



You can add those properties to HTTP Streamer / Properties in your Application.xml, e.g.



Lisa_W may I ask please

how do I implement this…

I need EXT-X-PLAYLIST-TYPE:EVENT to show up in my live event chunklist for HLS nDVR

Added HTTPStreamer/Property string properties to add EXT-X-PLAYLIST-TYPE header Apple HLS chunklists

cupertinoDVRPlaylistType: EXT-X-PLAYLIST-TYPE for nDVR playlists

cupertinoLivePlaylistType: EXT-X-PLAYLIST-TYPE for live playlists

cupertinoVODPlaylistType: EXT-X-PLAYLIST-TYPE for VOD playlists