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Option to Reduce the Chance of Live Broadcast Issues

The Benefits of Live Event Support

When live streaming a broadcast, you know that there’s always a chance for something to go wrong.

The camera or encoder could disconnect leaving your viewers with a black screen. The network could suddenly fluctuate with an unexpected long buffer. The path to the CDN could be incorrect or the security token was set up improperly, leaving viewers in a frustrated position with no stream.

While it is true that tens of thousands of live streams go off every single day without an issue, accidents can happen. Losing viewership is a small price to pay, but bad press could also result. Wowza does offer a solution for peace of mind through a Live Event Support Plan.

The Technical Benefits

Pre-Event Setup Support

  1. Wowza will review a pre-event checklist with you.

  2. Wowza will provide a remote session (we use Zoom by default but can join your own session if you prefer).
    **This typically takes place 24 hours prior or at whatever time you’re able to conduct a pre-event test.

  3. Wowza will work with you to review the setup and configuration of your Wowza instance.

Day of the Live Event Support:

  1. Wowza will provide a remote session (we use Zoom by default but can join your own session if you prefer).

** This will allow Wowza to have the ability to remotely view your desktop as well as have the ability to communication via audio/video/chat.

  1. A Wowza Team Member will be available during the duration of the event to provide any assistance that is necessary.

Information we will gather from you before your live event:

  1. Time, venue and duration of event

  2. Codecs and encoders being used

  3. Video input resolution and frame rate

  4. Internet connection specifics (up/down speeds, dedicated network?)

  5. Anticipated delivery protocol

  6. Closed caption information

  7. Anticipated viewer count

…and more depending on your use case.

Wowza will provide live event support remotely and will discuss all fees and expenses with you prior to a live event agreement.

For more information on the Wowza Live Event Support Plan, please visit our Professional Services Page.