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origin edge configuration

Hi Guys

Please forgive me in advanced about my lack of understanding…

In country A i have only 10m upload with a wowza server.

in country b 1G with wowza server.

I want that all of my users will connect to server B(1G) and not to to server A (becouse of bandwith limitations).

Server A already gets the streams form local encoder.

trying to use liverepter configuration result in actual stream coming from server A. through server B.

How can that be done that server A will only stream on stream to server B and server B will handle all the clients(bandwith) ext.



I have fallowed this guide “How to lock multi-bitrate streams on live stream repeater edge”.

the origin server only serv the edge server(users can connect to edge not origin.)

from some reason in the origin server when i go to,

I also see connection from edge. for example when a user get a stream from edge i can see it on the origin as onther flashsession…

Is that normel?

You secure the edge-origin as you do the origin and the edge, so the edge-origin will send shared secret to the origin when it connects, and it will be sent a shared secret by the edge(s) when they connect.



ok got it…

but if I have one stream between origin and edge and 1 client connected to the edge.

I see in connection counts only one connection as you mentiond but… under the stream for example i can see 2 flash sessions… insted of 1

is that normal? what am i doing wrong?








Ok i figured out my problem…

but in that subject i want to make something like origin->origin/edge->edge.

the origin is in country A and origin/edge and edge in country B

The origin/Edge server is doing the packetsizing (less packet loss).

how do I implement ModuleRTMPAuthenticate ?

In the origin i use secureTokenSharedSecret and on the origin/edge I use secureTokenOriginSharedSecret.

but what do i put in the edge server ?


ok… but how do i use the ModuleRTMPAuthenticate on the liverepeater-edge-origin application ?

i can use “secureTokenSharedSecret” on the origin and “secureTokenOriginSharedSecret” on the origin-edge Application.

but how to secure also the connection between origib-edge and edge?


I want to block the origin and origin-edge and allow only to connect to edge

so if i have an


in the same Application I put:








I have tried it but i can still connect to the origin-edge


You will only see one connection per stream between your origin and edge server.

For example, if you have 100 clients connecting to your edge server, requesting a particular stream, you will see those 100 connections on the edge server, but on the origin server you should only see one connection from the edge server.



Is the connection count taken from your Origin or Edge server application?

Does the contain the playback URL for your Origin application stream?



Please take a look at the How to configure a live stream repeater forum article.

In that article you also have the information on how to secure both your origin and edge applications.

For your origin application you will have to use the ‘liverepeater-origin’ stream type.

For your origin/edge application you will have to use the ‘liverepeater-edge-origin’ stream type.

For your edge application you will have to use the ‘liverepeater-edge’ stream type.



Restart your Wowza servers (both origin/edge) and zip up your [install-dir]/conf and [install-dir]/logs directories and send them to for further review. Be sure to label and include both origin & edge confs & logs and reference this post.