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Origin-edge issue with version 4.7

Hi there … I’ve a simple origin-edge setting, brand new installation with version 4.7.1 which is not working properly. Same settings on version 4.6 work fine.

Basically, first time a user connects to a stream on the edge by HLS, edge request stream to origin, but returns a m3u8 with only one video chunk (for instance, chunk 5 like below real traffic capture)


Next request of m3u8, the proper amount of chunks are returned, but one or two are missing (see below real capture which is missing chunk 6, and the m3u8 starts on chunk 7 to 9) causing player to stall, reconnect, and jump forward in video.

#EXTM3U #EXT-X-VERSION:3 #EXT-X-TARGETDURATION:11 #EXT-X-MEDIA-SEQUENCE:7 #EXTINF:10.079, media_w1806280314_7.ts #EXTINF:10.28, media_w1806280314_8.ts #EXTINF:10.756, media_w1806280314_9.ts

Anyone aware of a problem in this version? As I said, I’ve same thing working great in 4.6 but don’t want to dig for old version after the security vulnerability published last week


Hi @Gustavo Villegas,

Not aware of any issues with Origin - Edge with 4.7.1. It would probably be best for our support team to check out your logs and config files to get a better idea of what is happening on your servers.

You can open a new ticket here.


Alex C.

I just opened the ticket. While I wait for an answer, I’d like to test this with an older version. Where can I download older version for either Windows or linux (I’d like 4.6 if possible)?