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Origin edge scale questions

We have been running wowza for several years on one server and it has performed without issues. We are not looking to scale up and add trans-coding to our origin server and spin up two instances that will allow us to support more viewers. What we have done so far has been easy and the end users just stream live by adding a stream ID in flash media encoder or newtek tricaster. I have read the forums and want to make sure I understand this correctly.

  1. If I create a new application on the origin for live streaming and another application on the edge server can the end users just push the steam to origin where it will be trans-coded?

  2. Do the Trans-coded streams just get pushed to the edges server once an incomming stream is started?

  3. Is it best to use the Dynamic Load Balancing AddOn.

  4. Is there a way to monitor the distribution of the load accross the servers?

I am using:

Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Perpetual Edition 4.3.0 build16025

To test I will either use Amazon or Microsoft to spin up additional resources. Does any one prefer one service over the other?




To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, you can create a new/seperate Origin Application on the Origin server for live streaming and an edge Application on the Edge Server. If users publish to the origin and transcoding is enabled on this Application, then the streams will automatically be transcoded.

  2. The transcoded streams are not automatically pushed to the edges. But you can use Push Publishing/Stream Targets to do this.

  3. The Wowza Dynamic Load Balancing AddOn works well in small to medium sized deployments. You may also want to investigate the cloud based load balancing options as well.

  4. The Wowza Load Balancer does include some basic information on the status of the participating servers. The following Load Balancing On Google Cloud Provider article can be used as a guide for most other WSE instances using Load Balancer. It includes some screenshots that will further explain the server monitoring.

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