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OTT architecture


I have a architectural question regarding wowza streaming engine. In an OTT scenario, which is better:

  • use multiple wowza servers for ingesting/trascoding input streams which also act as streamer/origin or

  • use multiple wowza servers only for ingesting/trascoding input streams and have a seperated wowza server to just act as origin/streamer ?



I would like to build a technical solution for OTT using Wowza streaming engine.

Server specification:

2xE5-2620v3 (12 CPU cores)

4xGe ports (possible addition of 10GBe interface)

2xQuadro K5200 GPU


3x300GB 10k SAS HDD

Input: 40 SD channels, 2-3Mbps

Output: 4x ABR profiles (320x240 – 430kbps, 640x360 – 700kbps, 640x360 – 1200kbps, 720x576 – 2000kbps)

Audience: around 40k end customers, expected 10k concurrent sessions

My assumptions:

  • Transcoding: around 3-4 such servers should be enough to transcode 40 SD channels into desired ABR profiles.

  • Regarding bandwidth: 10k users (hypotethical scenario, if all of them would use the highest profile 2000kbps, this means 20Gpbs of needed bandwidth)


  • Can I utilize 10GBe NIC in wowza streaming engine with my server specification?

  • Could I use each server that would to transcoding also to do streaming or would it be better to push streams into a seperated wowza origin server?

  • How much bandwidth output could I achieve with my server specification?


This was handled in the created support ticket (156631)