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Outbound Bandwidth usage when i use NFS Mounted

I have a Wowza Server with the NFS Drive “mounted” for the “/content” directory. So clearly all the files inside “/content” are coming from another Server (NFS Server). These are especially for the VOD files (such as, MP4 files)

So then just now i realized i am confused about the Bandwidth between the NFS Server and the Wowza Server.

Lets say, there are:

  • 1000 concurrent Viewers right now …

  • watching the same “sample.mp4” single file

    Then obviously, the Wowza Server has to consume Outbound Bandwidth for 1000 Streams (between Wowza vs Viewers). Then any clear idea of, how about the Bandwidth between the NFS Server and the Wowza Server please?

    Am i consuming another 1000 worth of Outbound Bandwidth (= File Size x 1000 counts?) “from” the NFS Server again? Does it mean i am making the double of Outbound costs?

    (Please assume the NFS Server and the Wowza Servers are on the DIFFERENT Providers / DIFFERENT CLOUD. Connected across the internet)

    Thank you so much in advance for the expert answers.

    Kind regards,



Each viewer instantiates a session with Wowza, and so each VOD stream is unique to the viewer. There is no sharing of assets in this way, so if you for example have 4 viewers of sample.mp4 and it is stored on an NFS share, then that will be 4 separate streams of data being processed.

One solution to this is to introduce MediaCache into your environment. In this way, if a viewer requests sample.mp4 from your NFS source, it will be cached locally on the Wowza server. Future requests for the same asset will be serviced directly from the cache, thus no extra network overhead.


Dear Paul,

Thank you so much for the nice solution, with MediaCache. Does it mean, if i have the Wowza Servers load-balanced, i have to enable (install) MediaCache on each of Edge Servers? Or on Origin only? Or from the Application’s Admin Panel only and then it will automatically handle the load-balancing?

Thank you so much.

Kind regards


Each Edge server will require its own MediaCache configuration, regardless of whether a load balancer is in use or not. The cache is stored locally on each Edge server.