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Outbound Bitrate: Actual vs Configured

Can someone explain the difference between Outbound Bitrate: Actual vs Configured.

I know the Actual but I’m not sure of Configured. Configured where? Is this something I can change?

I ran a test and noticed my inbound bitrate was higher than the Outbound Bitrate: Configured. The video playback in my embedded JWPlayer was plagued by intermittent drops and pixelation. I’ve never had that problem when using a Wowza EC2 instance with CloudFront.


I see you are also working with Zoran in a support ticket regarding the JW Player issue. So I will address the Outbound Bitrate: Actual vs Configured question.

When you setup the Live Stream in your Cloud Account, you chose 1280x720. It told you next to that selection that you would have “5 Renditions”. These are the 5 streams, or adaptive bit rates, available for playback for your viewers. Configured bit rate the total configured bitrate of all 5 outbound video streams, in kilobits per second (Kbps).

Actual Bitrate is the total actual bitrate of all outbound video streams, in kilobits per second (Kbps). What is actually being used at the time.

As for the inbound bitrate question, I see you have it configured for 2.4mb. What was the dashboard telling you the inbound bitrate was? If you see this happen again, please take a screen shot and submit it with a support request through your Wowza Account Portal. We would like to look into that if you see it again.

To change your total configured bitrate, you can manage the transcoders and remove or add additional bit rates to your outbound configuration. For more information on this, check out page 21 in the User’s Guide.

I hope this helps.