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OutofMemory errors after Ubuntu OS upgrade

Hi. I post this in the hopes that it may help someone else.

I recently upgraded my Ubuntu installation (using the automatic update program) and started getting java OutofMemory errors (could not start a new thread) when a stream file was connected or a VOD was requested. The OS upgrade went to a new kernel version (4.4.0). When I booted with an older kernel (3.16.0), the errors went away and Wowza Streaming Engine works as expected. The upgrade also installed Java 8 (the open source version; not Oracle). I installed both Java 7 and 6 (both Oracle versions) and tried them. They were better, but did not solve the problem.

I am submitting a request to Ubuntu support to ask about changes to the threads modules with the new kernel.

Is Wowza making plans to certify the version 4 linux kernel?

Thanks. Mike.

Mike, thank you for the heads up. Please keep us posted on any response from Ubuntu support.



Status update.

I asked a question about this on the Ubuntu forums and was advised to submit a bug report. The support team is working with me on solutions. No joy yet, though.

Thanks. Mike.

Hello Mike,

Thanks for the update.

Best regards,