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Output with switchable input needed

I need a stream class switcher that will work with wowza 4xx

I have an output stream and want to, from a web page be able to click a thumbnail of any of my input streams and have the input stream directed through the output, much like a tv station switches cameras without interrupting the video playback. I had one written for wowza 3X but sadly is causes java heap errors on woaza 4 so I cant use it.

Hello Zac; and nice to see you’re still using Wowza. Could it be that I wrote that plug-in for Wowza 3 back in the days? If you send me an email, I’ll see if we can get that module up-to-date, or else we’ll find or make one that works with Wowza 4.

Best Regards,


Thanks Karel, you never put your info in the code so I could’nt find you. yep thats exactly what was happening :slight_smile: im sure it just needs some tweaking for wowza 4 . I sent you an email