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Overlays, captions, tickers using Transcoder Add-On and Clamp


Streamtoolbox announces the UI and REST API of Clamp module which uses Wowza Transcoder to put scheduled or ad-hoc overlays on live streams. The features include adding text and images (even animated gif), clock or countdown on top of your video with configurable in and out transitions, scrolling ticker text. It has an easy to use web UI for manual control and a REST API to integrate it with your external system.

The below short video demonstrates some of the key features:


Hello, is possible to add a count up timer like those at sport matches ?

Is possible to add that with Clamp ?

If yes, what is a request to wowza rest api to do that ?

Thank you !

Hello, I am not able to find the Clamp tool.

Could you please help me with this where I can get this tool?

Please reach out to where you’ll surely get answers to any modules offered.

This post is being closed for being outdated (2016) and we do not allow third party endorsements per the forums community guidelines. You may research on your own, but please be sure to check that any third party module you may use is compatible with the most recent version of Wowza Streaming Engine.