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Panasonic Camera Live Rebroadcast

I have 38 panasonic WV-SC385 cameras broadcasting H264 with G711 audio. Wowza is doing a great job of relfecting the video portion but it appears the audio is not being passed through.

Is there suypport for G711 or G726?

If so what do I need to do to configure the Application.xml or other files?




No, those audio codecs are not supported. There is no plan to support them. You can transcode with VLC:


We do not have a way to re-mux on the fly like this.


Have you tried the VLC transcoding example:

This works very well, and opens up a lot of sources with no cost and a not too much effort.


Update: please note that with the (separately priced) Wowza 3 Transcoder AddOn, you can now have real-time transcoding for g.711 audio streams.


It seems from my research that MANY IP cameras have the G711 or G726 codec. I myself had just purchased 2 different cameras for testing - hesitant of the audio codec due to sound quality concerns - but not for fear of no wowza support. When I read this thread I was dismayed. I recalled a time when I set my axis Q1755 to G711 and it didn’t work - but I hadn’t realized this was why.

It would seem that with so many IP cameras on the market using these codecs - they would be supported. Is there a technological reason you don’t support these codecs? A business one?

If as you indicate there is no intention of supporting these - is there a way I could use a custom java module to try to work this out on my own?

The lack of this feature in Wowza changes my camera price point from a wide array of cams in the 650 - 1500 range to a small array of cams in the 5K plus range. (unfortunately the Axis support for PZT and face following technologies are abysmal…in all other ways it is a great cam!) This gives my entire business model a pretty hefty financial shift in a negative direction. The transcoding option isn’t a very good one - it introduces a lot of potential for flakiness, AV sync issues, a new requirement of an onsite computer system - things which make even having an IP cam stop making sense…


A major reason for going to wowza was that VLC has issues with reflecting H264 from RTSP to UDP Multicast without dropping packets on the TS mux, however it was handling a transcode of audio from G726 to MPGA or ACC. Wowza’s implementation of H264 reflection is much prettier to look at and the dropped packets dont look like complete picture freeze ups.

So the new question is. If I seperately transcode the audio (only audio and dump the video) from G726 to ACC is there a way for Wowza to mux it into the RTSP reflection?

Something like


Audio:udp:// <-- This would be the output from VLCs transcode

Or any other way to do this by modifing the Application.xml. I’ll look at sync issues if it’s possible to remux the streams.

Thanks for your quick reply,