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Pass through multiple keyframe aligned streams directly from encoder to achieve ABR

Is their a method to encode multiple streams at varying bitrates on Wirecast or the like with keyframe alignment and have it pass through the Wowza Streaming Cloud without transcoding to achieve ABR (Adaptive Bitrate) HDS, HLS, etc… For the Wowza Streaming Engine I found this but I wonder if ABR pass through and SMIL is beyond the scope of the current Wowza Streaming Cloud.

I have had success doing it from the Wowza Streaming Engine transcoder to the Wowza Streaming Cloud but would like to skip one more server in certain instances.


I believe I answered the support request for this, however, I wanted to also follow up on the forum. At this time the only transcoded stream for passthrough we support is with our Wowza Streaming Engine sending to the Wowza Cloud. I am not aware of the roadmap timeframe for additional encoders to have this feature.