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Per Application user/pwd


Seems that is not possible put the user and pwd authentication data directly inside application configuration(like old 3.6, per application pwd)

but only in the Server->Publisher list .

this mean that when deleting application is necessary manually delete user and pwd also from Publisher list (right ?)

how to configure per application pwd ? I think this help to keep more clean the pwd file …



Steve, What version of Wowza are you running?

Can you explain your process of configuration?

Any errors showing in the logs that may point to an issue?


hi Salvadore,

I mean in the new Wowza Streaming Engine v 4.0 .

no have errors, just look @ the new version for plan future upgrade …


hi Salvadore,

no problem using old method… indeed, I prefer old version without GUI .

is only my idea about new version…


thanks Jason,

this is exactly what I need…



Please find an article below which shows how to set a password for publishing on a per application basis.

How to configure security using Wowza Streaming Engine Manager


Steve, I am not positive that the new UI supports this, but you should still be able to configure application level user authentication via the old method.