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Performance about different type of connection


so, the different type of connection have different impact about resource usage on wowza server ?

for example :

2000 concurrent connection use same hardware resource if is :

  • 2000 RTMP only connection

  • 2000 RTSP only connection

  • 2000 HLS only connection




Hi Steve,

For the most part, bandwidth is usually the limiting factor. As rule, consider this formula as a guide:

(stream bitrate * max concurrent clients) < server bandwidth

Other dependencies include how the workflow is configured. For example, if you’re using the Transcoder or nDVR AddOn, your publishing and packetization server load will increase.

While limited to RTMP, we do offer a load test tool that is very helpful in estimating load capacity:

How to get Flash RTMP Load Test Tool

Can you add more detail? Please describe your objectives and/or what you intend to provide and to what scale (how many viewers) do you anticipate?



CPU and memory should be similar I think, though maybe higher for HLS. The live stream profile (key frame frequency and bitrate) and cupertino packetizer settings will probably have some affect, one way or the other. Bandwidth usage will be about the same.


hi Tim,

no have problem with my server, working properly .

my question is only for know if the different protocol have different impact regarding cpu and memory usage .

for example :

I have 1000 concurrent connection in RTMP, if use my player for play HLS stream instead RTMP with same 1000 connection, on server side the cpu and memory usage is the same as RTMP ?



hi Richard,

ok understand, thanks